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DPT Avant Garde 2.0 Pool Dining Table

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DPT Avant Garde 2.0 Pool Dining Table


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DPT Avant Garde 2.0 Pool Dining Table

Table Tops

The stand shown in the image is not included. The table is supplied as standard with a pair of matching wooden dining tops to convert the table from a Pool table into a Dining table, The tops sit on the rubber pocket liners and are very stable and do not move easily. Our dining tops edges are finished in a matching material, rather than being raw MDF, like other manufacturers. We also offer the option to upgrade the wooden dining tops to a fantastic looking 6mm bevel edged, toughened, smoked glass dining tops. They really do complement the sleek and modern look of the Avant Garde Pool Table.


We manufacture a selection of benches to compliment our range of pool dining tables, you can select from one bench or a pair in any finishes that we offer in the pool dining range. The benches are also manufactured in our factory in Liverpool. 36mm bench seat which sits on metal legs with a chrome finish. The legs have felt pads fitted to the bottom of them, to protect your floor.


Our corners are tough and very strong, They are manufactured from metal alloy and chrome plated, We fit the same corners to our full range and they have been tested in the most demanding commercial locations. We don't use plastic corners like some companies.


Top Frame

The top frame on the Avant Garde 2.0 pool table is wider than most other English pool tables, this means the top frame is more solid and will stay straighter and give a better ball response. The cushions need a solid top frame to do there job and that is why we fit this wider frame.

All DPT top frames are manufactured from 36mm MDF with a high-pressure laminate covering this very tough and hard-wearing, Some manufacturers do not use laminate they use an inferior product which is a cheap alternative which is not as hard-wearing. Because our top frames are fixed to the table body with 10 quick-release high tension clips, Its quick and easy to remove but most importantly give amazing cushion bounce.

Top Frame

Concealed Ball Door

Instead of a hole in the end of the table, we have a dropdown door. Which covers the opening where the balls return when potted. It’s a metal door with a push opening latch.

Concealed Ball Door

Ball Return

The ball return is a great feature, What this means is as the balls are potted into the pockets they roll down inside the table back to one end ready for the next game. Not all tables offer this feature and the ball sit in the packets as they are potted. This is a pain and you have to keep emptying the pockets as they fill up.

Ball Return
DPT free accessories pack

What's Included

Our Pool Tables are supplied with a Free Accessory Pack which includes:

  • 1 x Set of Aramith 2" Red & Yellow Pool Balls.

  • 1 x Black Plastic Triangle.

  • 1 x Piece of Chalk.

  • 2 x Pool Cues (48″ or 57″ depending on the size of the pool table).

Build your table

DPT Avant Garde 2.0 Pool Dining Table

For a modern and stylish yet classic look in your home our 'Avant Garde 2.0 Pool Dining Table' has everything, with modern square legs to give it that perfect finish.

The Avant Garde Pool Dining Table comes with standard wooden tops or the choice of glass tops for an additional charge. It is available in a range of finishes including, black, dark walnut, walnut, oak, white and our current best seller onyx grey. As well as a choice of cloth including, black, blue, red and green in either wool or napless cloth and also grey wool.

All DPT 7ft Pool Dining Tables feature a Birch Plywood 36mm Thick Slate Support Box to provide increased strength and rigidity to the table.

The newest addition to our Avant Garde table is the ball return door, this new feature will make your pool dining table look more like a dining table than ever before. This feature is a door that hides away the ball return giving the end of your table a smooth finish and allowing it to transform from pool table to dining table.

The door opens with a simple push latch meaning it’s quick and easy to retrieve your pool balls. This new feature will be on all our Avant Garde tables as well as our other pool diners.